StarCraft II Coop Campaign

Welcome to play the StarCraft II Coop Campaign.

Through these Arcade maps, you can play the official StarCraft II campaign with your friends TOGETHER.

This Coop Campaign Series is made and produce by LordDz.

Simplified Chinese translation and maintain is provided by MengLuoRJ, assisted by Siyim.

Play Coop Campaign Series

This series based on the StarCraft II Official Campaign Series, and will consistenly produce and release new coop campaigns of each official campaign.


⚠️ Purchase/Own Corresponding Expansion/Mission Packs Required to Play These Maps.

The Wings of Liberty have been made available to all player accounts after StarCraft II became free to play without purchase.

The Heart of the Swarm expansion pack, Legacy of the Void expansion pack, and Nova Covert Ops Mission Packs are available only after purchase.


Learn more about the Campaign Coop series and get the battlelinks to access maps via the following certain pages.

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Q: What does this change?

  • All players have their progress saved in an individual bank file,
  • All maps have three player bases (expanded terrain on hots and lotv)
  • Increased number of enemies to compensate for the increased player and resource count
  • Same upgrades as in original campaigns and additional upgrades/mutations/war council
  • New unit types for Evolution and War Council
  • New heroes for all campaigns, hots and lotv are the campaigns where you'll notice it the most
  • 'Tactical' enemy difficulty modifier for hots and lotv, in case you want the enemy to attack you in more challenging ways
  • Briefings and cutscenes from vanilla missions also show up in the campaigns.
  • Achievement support in Lotv, which also saves the difficulty you got the achievement on, so you can brag about training 20 stalkers on mission 2 on wicked difficulty

Q: Do I need to play with 3 players?

  • No, you can play 1-3 players. Player one will get the unused units and bases (except for heroes on hots) of the other players.

Q: Can I make it so only 2 bases are created?

  • No, the host will always get the 3rd base. I recommend to just bind it to a control group, with the saving of control groups per mission, selecting your base structures is now very fast and easy.

Q: Does higher difficulties reward more resources?

  • No, play on a higher difficulty for a greater challenge (and more fun!), but you will not get more resources for doing so.

Q: We're playing Wings of Liberty Coop and we don't see any Hyperion Upgrades.

  • You can access the Hyperion after mission 4.

Q: How does progress work between the maps? Can I play with different players?

  • Progress is saved per player, you can play with anyone you want, your progress will be saved for you.

Q: What’s the transfer ownership command?

  • Select the units you want to give and type:
    • -p1 , -p2 and -p3 to transfer ownership to player 1, 2 or 3 respectively.

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